Learning by Doing Methodology

International NLP Framework based teaching

International Smart Books and Smart Board

Finland (Europe) Based Curriculum

Wonderful Kidz International Preschool


Building Confidence

With a unique learning by doing methodology, one of its kind concept, Wonderful Kidz International Preschool is a place where kids grow & develop while reading, listening, and playing.

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Creative Expressions

Here kids move from dependence to independence, from shaky coordination to refined skills, from body language to verbal communication.

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Builds Up Intelligence

Integrated use of scientifically designed games, toys and technology in our Pre-School curriculum makes learning fun and engaging for children.

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Interaction Based Methods

We gives you peace of mind that your child’s personal well-being and development which in turn helps in building your kid’s better, bright future.

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Learn About Our Work Culture At Wonderful Kidz International


Learning things fast

Wonderful Kidz International Preschool is a place where children grow & develop while reading, listening, and playing.– Parents

Wonderful Kidz International Preschool

we give you peace of mind that your child’s personal wellbeing and development are building for a better future.– Parents

Like a mother’s care

Wonderful Kidz International Preschool creates happy and well adjusted individuals for the society.– Parents

Why Wonderful Kidz International


Self Reliant Individuals

To nurture a future generation of children, we want to help children become contributing member of the community and be the citizen of the world.

Talent Search Methods

We empower to reach their potential and planting the seeds of lifelong growth. We want children to be independent thinkers and honest global citizens

Value Based Education

To protect, educate and nurture young children in a safe, stimulating, joyous, supportive and positive environment so that developed love for learning.

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