What can tracks teach kids? Preschool science activities are a big deal

Recently, a new adventure came into our Iglookids: preschool. Now, as a child who has been in child care since 12 weeks, transitioning to a new program is not something new for our family. But, this one was different. It reminded my husband and I of the saying “big fish, little pond.” See, Cab had become the big fish in his toddler room, not only physically, but mentally. The signs all pointed that it was the right time to do the toddler to preschool transition, but we knew since he was so self-aware that it would be a tricky one.

With the guidance and support from our center leadership, Cab’s toddler teachers, and soon-to-be preschool teacher, a transition plan was laid out. We made an effort at pick up those last few weeks of toddlers to swing by his new preschool classroom and do a bit of exploring on our own time. With Cab, communication is key, so as a family we talked (and talked, and talked) about the transition, his new classroom, the friends he would see that went on before him, and his preschool teacher.

When the big day came, we were ready.

Was he still upset? Sure. Did he have a great time still? Absolutely. We could have prepared ourselves for years for this moment, but it still would have not been easy. It doesn’t matter if you’re 35 or 3, change is difficult. But, what we did find is that all that planning and long conversations, it helped – a ton. Cab settled into preschool within the first week. Now, a few weeks in, he is so comfortable in his new space and teacher, it’s like he has been there for years.

A big part of any transition is preparing your child, but I also encourage you to don’t let yourself get lost in the shuffle. This is a big move, for them and you – give yourself grace through it. So whether it is a night of take-out the day before the big move, or a glass of wine at the end of the first week, sit back and relax, because you got this.

Oh, that’s how that works—wow! Your preschooler’s inquisitive little mind is going ten million miles an hour as they start putting together all the information that they’ve gathered about the world during toddlerhood, from motion and body movements to using new materials and supplies to craft something unique.
And, according to our experts, that makes this the perfect time to start helping kids build early science skills and more.

There will be focus throughout this year on mastering letters, sounds, and words. You’ll watch with delight as she takes her first steps toward reading and writing correctly, especially when those activities are linked, both at school and at home. Help your kindergartner have fun with language in everyday life this year and watch as her vocabulary explodes.

She will learn key fundamentals of math this year, too, and there will be countless ways (no pun intended) to encourage this. Educational standards vary across states, districts, and schools, and no two children learn at exactly the same rate, so don’t panic if your little one doesn’t start to read at the same time as the neighbor’s kid.

Letters and Sounds

“Reading to your children at home not only makes them enjoy reading, but it also helps them in school,” says Susan Quinn, a reading specialist and elementary school teacher at Saint Brendan School in the Bronx, New York. Reading together nurtures companionship and fun and builds concentration, focus, and vocabulary.The New Einstein’s Academy offers an innovative program for children. The curriculum is designed to empower the children through social interaction, play, discussion, reflection, and creativity. It is the best preschool in Chicago. The daily program of New Einstein’s Academy includes free play, hands-on activities, many learning and outdoor activities. The preschool also goes on field trips on a bi-monthly basis.

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